How to find the right Licensed Producer of Cannabis for you

There are 36 licensed producers of Cannabis across Canada so choosing the right one for you requires some research. You don’t want to get stuck with a licensed producer that doesn’t fulfill your needs .

Step 1: Do some research on Google.

Nowadays you can pretty much find any and all information on the internet. Make sure you visit the licensed producer’s website, review public forums, and even ask questions on Reddit. There are a lot of medicinal marijuana patients that have both positive and negative stories about every licensed producer available.

Step 2: check the licensed producer’s menu to see which strains they’re carrying.

This step kind of ties back into Step 1 because research is key. Aside from reviewing every strain they have make sure you note the price difference between individual licensed producers. For example, a high-in-demand strain at Tilray might not be a high-in-demand strain at Aurora. If that strain is your go-to choice then you might want to join Aurora as you’d save quite a few dollars in the long run.

To conclude, we’d like to stress the need to read the licensed producer reviews from other patients. You can read about the quality of the cannabis, their logistical strategy meaning that you medicine will arrive on time, and the consistency of the product to make sure you get what you pay for every time.

So, who will it be? Tilray, Aurora, Bedrocan, Broken Coast, Green Relief, MedReleaf, Tweed or Whistler Medical Marijuana? SO many to choose from!